Our story is God inspired, and organically grown…


Before Flava Wings had a name, it was j u s t fried chicken being cooked, sauced, and tossed in our home. Family and friends came to expect this soul goodness from our kitchen, coupled with good times and a whole lot of laughter!


We knew it was something special, but it never occurred to us to share this goodness with our community - until it did, in March 2019.  


From that moment on, we’ve been on a quest to provide our supporters delicious, crispy, golden fried chicken, turkey, and duck wings - with delectable sides that hit the spot, and are just plain delicious! We pride ourselves on giving our Supporters an exceptional food experience with exceptional service, in an atmosphere of positive vibes.


So come, try us out.  Yes, you’ll have to wait a little, but oh will your taste buds and belly be happy that you did! 


What’s Your Flava?

The Bufords